AI4CCAM interview! Let’s find out how to identify and assess the project outcomes
— 22 November 2023

AI4CCAM interviewed Nafsica Papakosta, Project Manager and Communications Specialist at INLECOM, leader of the WP5, which involves Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation for the AI and CCAM ecosystems. In this interview, Nafsica addresses the methodology employed to identify and assess the outcomes of the AI4CCAM project with the greatest exploitation and...[more]

AI4CCAM at CCAM Partnership Multicluster Meeting
— 20 November 2023

The CCAM Partnership Multicluster Meeting which will take place on 21 and 22 November in Brussels (for members of the CCAM Association only). The CCAM Partnership Multicluster Meeting will discuss achievements and ongoing initiatives. The CCAM Partnership was born on 2021 to create a more user-centered and inclusive mobility system,...[more]

AI4CCAM webinar! Securing trust in AI for automated vehicles – 29 Novembre
— 16 November 2023

AI4CCAM continues its webinars focused on the different technical aspect of the project, exploring AI's impact on connected and automated vehicles. On 29 November, jointly organised with BVA, the webinar "On the Roads of Tomorrow: Securing Trust in AI for Automated Vehicles" will be held! As a global leader in...[more]

Methodology for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) released!
— 10 November 2023

AI4CCAM has just released its public deliverable on Methodology for trustworthy AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the scope of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM). The methodology relies on current European guidelines, namely the report Trustworthy Autonomous Vehicles produced by the Joint Research Center of the European commission in 2021, a...[more]

AI4CCAM interview! Akkodis tells us more about what “impact” and “validation” really mean when dealing with AI for AV
— 7 November 2023

AI4CCAM interviewed Pavan Vasishta, Akkodis, leader of the project WP4 working on "Use Case Implementation and Validation". Pavan is a Senior Research Scientist in Akkodis, and in this interview he tells us more what validation and impact mean when dealing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Autonomous Vehicles. As leader of...[more]

Policy options to reduce emissions from the mobility sector. AI4CCAM included in the Covenant of Mayors publication as an inspiring project!
— 31 October 2023

The Covenant of Mayors has recently released the publication "Policy options to reduce emissions from the mobility sector: inspiring examples and learning opportunities." The Covenant of Mayors is a European initiative that solicits voluntary commitments by local governments to implement EU climate and energy objectives. With transport as one of...[more]

AI4CCAM interview! SystemX tells us more on the innovation behind the project and AI use regulation
— 26 October 2023

AI4CCAM interviewed Karla Quintero, SystemX, leader of WP1 of the project focusing on "AI-based integrated Trustworthy AI framework for CCAM". Karla is Senior Research Engineer/Systems Engineering Architect at SystemX. In this interview, Karla tells us more about the most innovative aspects of AI4CCAM and the regulation of the use of...[more]

AI4CCAM interview! BSC telling more about ethical issues and responsible AI in automated mobility
— 19 October 2023

AI4CCAM interviewed Atia Cortes, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), leader of WP3 of the project, working on "Trustworthy AI for CCAM: Ethical, Social and Cultural Implication". Atia Cortes is a PhD, Recognised Researcher, Social Link Analytics Unit - Life Sciences Department in BSC. In this interview, Atia tells us more about...[more]

Webinar on “Detection of Unknown Unknowns or how to make your Perception Safe” – Download the presentation!
— 17 October 2023

AI4CCAM is organising a series of webinars focusing on technical aspects of the project.On 15 September, a new webinar was held on "Detection of Unknown Unknowns or how to make your Perception Safe" by Deepsafety. What does safety mean in autonomous driving? Ralph Meyfarth answered this question underlining the role...[more]