Towards Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility: AI4CCAM in the new CINEA brochure
— 3 May 2023

New mobility trends and technologies are driving radical change in our transport systems. This change will have a profound impact on the environment, transport users and businesses. Automated transport is a crucial element in this transformation. It has the potential to reduce road fatalities to near zero, improve accessibility of...[more]

AI4CCAM video launched!
— 28 April 2023

AI4CCAM has released its first video! Created by the project partner INLECOM, the video is a general overview of AI4CCAM that will focus on the development of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) for automated driving assistance, pursuing 4-5 driving automation level, meaning high and full automation. How can AI technology improve...[more]

AI4CCAM in the CCAM Partnership’s projects list!
— 28 March 2023

AI4CCAM is among the projects listed in the CCAM Partnership's website, where all the collaborative research projects launched within the Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (2021-2027 Horizon Europe) are available. The CCAM Partnership was launched in June 2021 to create a more user-centered and inclusive mobility system, increasing road safety...[more]

AI4CCAM in the CAD Knowledge Base
— 22 March 2023

AI4CCAM is among the projects listed in the Knowledge Base on Connected and Automated Driving (CAD). This is the one-stop shop for data, knowledge and experiences on CAD in Europe and beyond. The sharing of knowledge, data and experiences is essential for the development of connected and automated driving. Combining...[more]

AI4CCAM at EUCAD 2023!
— 13 March 2023

AI4CCAM has been selected to be part of the EUCAD 2023 Exhibition! The EUCAD2023 Conference, taking place on 3 and 4 May in Brussels, will take stock of latest research, policy and regulatory developments in the field of CCAM to discuss if technology and society are ready for the large-scale...[more]

AI4CCAM at FAME workshop and CCAM Partnership Multicluster Meeting
— 6 March 2023

FAME is organising a public workshop in Brussels on Wednesday, 8 March 2023, in conjunction with the CCAM Partnership Multicluster Meeting which will take place on 9 March (for members of the CCAM Association only). The EU-funded FAME project’s mission is to support the European Commission and the CCAM Partnership...[more]

AI4CCAM website launched!
— 15 February 2023

Today, February 15, the AI4CCAM project website is officially launched, less than a month from the kick off meeting. The website is conceived to be a living tool able to grow along with the project, according to its progresses and results. There are several pages dedicated to different aspect of...[more]

Artificial intelligence and automated mobility: launched the AI4CCAM European project
— 13 February 2023

The AI4CCAM (Trustworthy AI for CCAM) project officially started on the 1 January 2023 with a kick-off meeting on 26-27 January organised in Oslo by the project coordinator, Simula Research Laboratory. Gathering almost 50 participants from 9 European countries, the event was successfully held at Simula’s premises and provided an...[more]

Artificial Intelligence: a European approach to excellence and trust
— 1 February 2023

Artificial Intelligence is developing fast. It will change our lives by improving many sectors. At the same time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) entails a number of potential risks, such as opaque decision-making, gender-based or other kinds of discrimination, intrusion in our private lives or being used for criminal purposes. Given the...[more]