Successful Planning Workshop Sets Stage for UC3 Execution in VR Experimentation applied to CAV’s acceptance by VRUs
— 19 April 2024

Following a dynamic and productive planning workshop held on 12th April 2024 at TTS Italia premises, the team behind the AI4CCAM’s Use Case 3 (UC3) are thrilled to announce significant progress towards the execution phase.

The purpose of UC3 is to assess the degree of Vulnerable Road Users’ acceptance of Connected and Automated Vehicles exploring their interaction dynamics in a number of increasingly complex urban settings, where users will be immersed through a purposely designed VR experiment. When interacting with CAVs, VRUs will be prompted to take decisions (e.g., street crossing decisions when a CAV is approaching), while semi-quantitative data, also including physiological indicators, will be collected to assess acceptance rates in diverse scenarios.

Led by TTS Italia, the workshop brought together key UC3 partners including CNRS, IRTSX and Akkodis, to strategize and delineate roles for the forthcoming VR experiment. The discussions focused on clarifying roles, defining scenarios, outlining logistical details, and establishing next steps. TTS expressed gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions and reiterated their commitment to advancing the UC3 project’s objectives.

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