Webinar on “Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property” – 18 April 2024
— 15 April 2024

Intellectual property helps drive innovation and growth by bringing in financial returns, raising brand awareness and ensuring business growth. You can rely on intellectual property to increase productivity, earn licensing fees and even receive royalties. Patents help create a monopoly and provide protection to your business by preventing others from commercialising your innovation. IP helps you earn a higher return on investment and manage your assets efficiently.

Within this context, the EC Horizon Results Platform team, together with the European IP Helpdesk, co-organise the webinar “Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property (IP)”, to be held on 18 April 2024, 1.30-12.30 (CEST).

Learning Objectives of the webinar:

  • Understanding Intellectual Property in AI
  • Rights in Data Used by Machine Learning
  • Protection of Data through Database Rights
  • Obtaining Rights for Data Usage in AI Innovation
  • Patenting Inventions in AI
  • Impact of European and US Patent Office Guidance
  • Ownership of Inventions Derived from External Data
  • Commercialization of AI Innovations

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