AI4CCAM at HyCHA’24!
— 27 March 2024

On 27 and 28 March, AI4CCAM took part in HyCHA’24 – Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Workshop: From knowledge and human integration to model explanation (Knowledge, Human and Machine Learning Hybridization), held in Gif-sur-Yvette (France), co-organised among others by SystemX, AI4CCAM partner.

AI4CCAM was represented by Arnaud Gotlieb, Simula, AI4CCAM coordinator who participated in the event with a poster.

Hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI) broadly encompasses all approaches that combine several AI methods, whether symbolic or numerical, qualitative, semi-qualitative or quantitative. It is a field that is currently enjoying renewed interest, particularly because the hybridization is a way of addressing the respective weaknesses of different approaches and tackling certain current AI challenges such as trust and explainability.

In Automated Driving, scene understanding is a crucial issue. However, today’s explanations are based on quantitative analysis: Heatmaps, importance map, occlusion analysis, etc. But there is still no understanding of events chain and consequences. Given an action taken by an ego-car in a scene, the goal is to automatically explain the interactions between the actors that led to such action Decision Making Explanation Action.

AI4CCAM is based on Qualitative Reasoning.

Given a scene, we apply Qualitative Constraint Acquisition on each frame Then, we create the Qualitative eXplainable Graph (QXG) from sensor data.

Given a set of QXGs and actions (cruising, accelerating, etc.), we train one-class classifiers to give action-labels to each object relation chains. These action labels can be helpful to automatically document the driving scene.

Considering action-labels with relation chains, our method automatically proposes possible ego-car action explanations, by considering interactions between the car and each object.

User feedback on possible explanations allows us to strengthen the result and properly document automated driving scenes.

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