AI4CCAM use cases: a VRU scenario
— 5 March 2024

AI4CCAM has a whole Work Package (WP4) dedicated to defining a validation process (including KPIs and methodological aspects from WP1 and WP3) that embraces the variety of CCAM Use Cases involving explainability and Trustworthy AI concepts.

Under this WP the AI4CCAM digital framework and AI models (from WP1 and WP2) will be evaluated in dedicated Use Cases representing simulated CCAM scenarios and collect all necessary evidence for validation. An impact assessment in line with the use case scenarios will be performed as well.

Three complementary use cases also covering user acceptance will be implemented:

  • Human-vehicle AI-based interactions and ethical dilemmas
  • Advanced AI models for CCAM situation awareness and VRUs behavior anticipation
  • Car trajectory prediction.

This short video by Akkodis showcases a scenario where a VRU (bicyclist) is occluded by a larger vehicle (a bus) and the challenge is to identify and predict the risk involved to the VRU by the autonomous vehicle.

Watch the video!

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