AI4CCAM at Day!
— 29 February 2024

Co-organised by IRT SystemX, AI4CCAM partner, the Day 2024 will be held on 7 March in Paris, acting as the meeting place for trusted AI. Several topics related to CCAM will be discussed, exchanging ideas and experiences with the French and international engineering and scientific communities involved in trusted AI:

  • Trustworthiness as a pillar of AI adoption in industry
  • Industrial AI toward 2030: trustworthiness beyond
  • Norms and standards: current status and future challenges
  • The future challenges of trustworthy AI
  • Hybrid AI, safety, cybersecurity, or ethics: spotlight on some of the upcoming challenges to address in developing trustworthy AI in industry. Day will be a new opportunity to meet AI4CCAM partners and find out more about the project!

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