Third General Assembly for AI4CCAM in Athens!
— 25 January 2024

AI4CCAM partners met on 25 January in Athens for the third General Assembly of the project, hosted by Inlecom.

A crowdy room to discuss project developments and upcoming achievements, especially considering that AI4CCAM is now one year old: the perfect moment for summing up progresses made so far.

The main focus of the meeting was on the three AI4CCAM Use Cases (UCs), discussing actions and on complementary of UCs, as well as common methodology, and user acceptance in UCs.
Of course, other relevant technical aspects of the project were discussed as well, such as
Ethical AI issues in autonomous driving, models and datasets, technical architecture. However, AI4CCAM is also looking into CCAM Partnership and internationalization activities that were discussed too, along with dissemination and communication activities.

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