Did you miss our webinar on building trust in AI for automated vehicles? Now available!
— 12 December 2023

Missed our insightful webinar on 29 November on building trust in AI for automated vehicles? The replay is now available!

This webinar aimed to delve into the challenges and opportunities of AI in the context of road safety, congestion reduction, and environmental impact. It primarily focused on what it takes to build trust and the conditions for adoption of AI-driven solutions. It gathered 58 attendees, notably from the industry, and also some researchers (from the CEA for instance)​, beyond of course AI4CCAM partners.

The webinar also aimed to shed light on the psychological and emotional factors that influence the adoption of AI in automated vehicles. By understanding these dynamics, we can contribute to an informed and well-rounded perspective on AI-driven mobility.

In this 1-hour webinar, join Marc Eynaud, Arnaud Gotlieb, Lucie Regereau, and Isabelle Vallet as they unveil user acceptance nuances, emotions, and barriers in automated mobility.

  • Discover key insights from the European project AI4CCAM (AI for Connected Cooperative and Automated Mobility). Arnaud Gotlieb, the project coordinator, emphasizes the importance of trustworthy AI for autonomous driving.
  • Explore Lucie Regereau’s methodology, delving into the emotions of daily car users in Paris, Berlin, and Warsaw. Understand why user acceptance is crucial for automated driving’s future.
  • Isabelle Vallet shares fascinating results on traffic regulations, attitudes, and representations’ impact on automated vehicle adoption. See how these factors shape perceptions and trust.

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