AI4CCAM webinar! Securing trust in AI for automated vehicles – 29 November
— 16 November 2023

AI4CCAM continues its webinars focused on the different technical aspect of the project, exploring AI’s impact on connected and automated vehicles.

On 29 November, jointly organised with BVA, the webinar “On the Roads of Tomorrow: Securing Trust in AI for Automated Vehicles” will be held!

As a global leader in insights, data & consulting powered by behavioral science, The BVA Family is eager to delve into the challenges and opportunities of AI in road safety, congestion reduction, and environmental impact. This webinar aims to share valuable insights on building trust and conditions for adopting AI-driven solutions. We’ll also discuss the psychological and emotional factors influencing AI adoption in automated vehicles.

The webinar will also be the perfect opportunity for an open discussion, engaging in a dialogue with experts in the field and fellow participants to explore the future of AI in CAVs.

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