AI4CCAM at the Driven by Data Workshop: AI in research and innovation for data-driven mobility – Download the presentation!
— 21 September 2023

AI4CCAM, on 6 September, took part in the workshop “Driven by Data Workshop No 4: AI in research and innovation for data-driven mobility”, represented by the project coordinator Arnaud Gotlieb, Simula Research Laboratory. The event was organised by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).

Four research projects, including AI4CCAM, shared their experience and thoughts about the usage of ML and AI within their research and innovation projects. The workshop enabled networking and provided a forum for all participants to discuss challenges and solutions for the cities of the future. Also part of the discussion was possible borders and ethical boundaries for the use of this relatively new technology.

The AI4CCAM presentation focused on AI in Automated Vehicles: Opportunity or Threat? Also, the role and objectives of AI4CCAM were presented, leading to a Trustworthy AI for Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility. Finally, the AI4CCAM road ahead was explained.

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