AI4CCAM: a webinar on “ODD (Operational Design Domain) concept and usage in the automotive industry”
— 10 May 2023

AI4CCAM is organising a series of Scientific webinars focusing on specific technical aspects of the project.
The first webinar was held on 14 April, focusing on “ODD (Operational Design Domain) concept and usage in the automotive industry”, with a presentation the project partner IRT SystemX.

SAE J3016 defines ODD as “Operating conditions under which a given driving automation system or feature thereof is specifically designed to function, including, but not limited to, environmental, geographical, and time-of-day restrictions, and/or the requisite presence or absence of certain traffic or roadway characteristics”.
ODD is dedicated to a system level feature with automation capabilities. The aim of ODD is to define the restrictions of Operational Domain required by the automated feature to work properly, taking into account technical limitations.
Also the link between ODD and driving automation level is discussed during the webinar.

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