INLECOM Innovation is a non-profit entity, based in Athens, which undertakes end-to-end life cycle of Research & Innovation projects (from concept to implementation to IPR protection) in the areas of information technology as it applies to transport, logistics, security, agriculture, telecommunications & smart cities. The core competencies include designing and building innovative technical prototypes across multiple domains and exploring their adoption potential; INLECOM also organises Living Labs and industrial pilots that facilitate experimentation with new ideas in real life settings.


INLECOM will develop a validation methodology of the use cases to guide the simulation-based trials and measure the efficiency of the new techniques. Inlecom will also conduct a detailed Market Analysis around the AI4CCAM ambitions, urban-traffic scenarios, and reusable hybrid AI models, will develop the project’s exploitation roadmap and will elicit the project innovations in AI4CCAM registry leading to the filing of two patents.

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