AI4CCAM: a focus on Advanced AI-driving CCAM sense-plan-act predictive models
— 5 May 2023

Automated Cars must explain their decisions:

  • for the safety and comfort of the car driver and passengers
  • to inform the other road users such as other vehicles and pedestrians
  • to sustain an audit in case of accident

But explanations are often difficult to build, because automated decision-making results sometimes from situation misunderstandings; user acceptance can only come from full transparency. And today’s explanations are only based on quantitative analysis.

AI4CCAM builds explanations from patio-temporal qualitative constraints sequences. This work is especially carried out within the WP2, focusing on Advanced AI-driving CCAM sense-plan-act predictive models.

Simula released a video explaining the work carried out in WP2.

Watch the video!

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